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Why Pay So Much?

With the year-end in sight, I am watching my income and calculating taxes due next April.

Alongside the calculations, I am exploring strategies and investments that reduce top-line

reportable income and remove Alternative Minimum Tax while potentially providing future cash


Along with multiple tax code rules, the investment structure and asset class play a significant

role in individual taxpayers taking advantage of each item. Often structured as partnerships,

most private placements provide pass-through taxation. This mechanism allows investors to

deduct depreciation. The Internal Revenue Code codifies other transactions allowing direct

deductions on income.

Taxes should never dictate your investment decision. Any investment strategy should be able

to pass muster on its own merits. When a solid investment offering provides tax advantages,

net results (total return, reduced income tax liability, etc.) can be substantial. So, why would you

not utilize tax benefits in an already sound investment?

Securitized investments have made it easier for investors to employ tax strategies when they do

not have personal experience or time to structure the desired outcome. Advantage Wealth

Solutions remains focused on helping investors combine tax strategy and investment

opportunities. Your opportunity to create significant savings for this year expires on 31

December, so act today to keep more of what you worked for.



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